The Objectives of ÖZS

We aim to:

  • make the different qualities of security products and services objective and transparent for buyers, customers, and consumers.
  • support the trust of customers in security products and services through guaranteed quality levels provided by suppliers.
  • give security companies the opportunity to have their security products and services certified, in order to represent them as objectively tested in market competition.
  • promote the quality thinking of consumers and producers when purchasing/selling security products and services.
  • contribute to improved public and private security by promoting the spread of high-quality security products and services.
  • achieve risk minimization through targeted prevention measures.
  • increase the subjective sense of security.
  • achieve and reinforce acceptance of the guidelines by institutions employed in the security industry through participation in the ÖZS.


Our working objectives are the certification of specialized companies and their specialized personnel, as well as the certification of individual products and interacting systems.

We have formulated these objectives for various product areas, such as:

  • The burglary and hold-up alarm field (for alarm, video, and access control systems as well as alarm receiving centers).
  • The security services sector (surveillance, security consulting, cash transport). Objective determination of the essential quality features - especially in the area of personnel training and the organization of private alarm receiving centers with alarm tracking - is intended to make quality gradations transparent.
  • The security services sector (surveillance, security consulting) is intended to provide clients with information and assistance in preparing tenders and identifying the best bidders.