Inspection services – OVE Certification is accredited as inspection body in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17020

OVE Certification regularly conducts factory inspections at the business premises of manufacturers of certified products to ensure the consistent quality of their certified products. During the inspections, the production processes are monitored based on internationally recognized procedures.

In this way, we ensure increased confidence in our certificates and long-term added value and a competitive advantage for our customers.

OVE Certification also conducts inspections on behalf of other European and international certification bodies based on multilateral and bilateral agreements.

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CIG inspection procedure

The CIG inspection procedure is a multilateral inspection agreement and is used and recognized far beyond the borders of Europe.

These inspections are based on the harmonized requirements of the factory inspection procedures OD CIG 021, and document OD CIG 023 is used as inspection report. The high competence requirements imposed on CIG members guarantee the mutual international recognition of inspection results.

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Inspection services by OVE Certification

  • Monitoring of manufacturing processes and products
  • Inspections as part of OVE certification procedures (ÖVE marks, ÖZS, ENEC, ENEC+, HAR, EMC, IECQ)
  • "Stand-alone" inspections
    • in accordance with the factory inspection procedures harmonized in Europe
    • in accordance with customer-specific requirements
  • Inspections on behalf of foreign certification bodies according to their requirements and policies
  • Pre-shipment inspection – inspection before shipping
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