OVE Standardization – Electrotechnical Standardization in Austria

Electrotechnical standards are a plus for both manufacturers and consumers. They are a driver of innovation for technical and economic development, open up access to new markets and ensure competitiveness. At the same time, consumers benefit from the safety and reliability of electrotechnical products and systems. This creates confidence.

The Austrian collection of electrotechnical standards contains approximately 6,500 standards. OVE Standardization actively represents Austrian interests in international standardization – together with experts in business, science and research as well as authorities and consumers.

Standards and products
Standards and products

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Electrotechnical standards are drivers of innovation, provide legal certainty and thus offer competitive advantages.

experts in standardization bodies

Anyone interested is welcome to participate in and contribute to any of the OVE standardization bodies at no cost.

standardization projects in 2022

The experts in the IEC working groups contribute to many projects at the same time. 80% of all international standards are adopted at the European and national level.

Austrian experts

Austria has a strong representation in international working groups and actively contributes to the development of electrotechnical standards in this way.

Electrotechnical standardization

Find out about the regulatory framework, the history and the process of developing standards here.

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Buy a standard in the OVE online shop

International cooperation in standardization

At present, there are almost 2,000 standardization bodies working on a range of widely differing subjects of electrotechnical standardization – approximately 1,580 in IEC and some 410 in CENELEC.

Current figures reflect the importance of international cooperation in electrotechnical standardization: 80% of IEC's international electrotechnical standards are adopted at a European and consequently a national level.

"One standard – one test – accepted everywhere"

Implementation of what is referred to as the Frankfurt Agreement – which governs the close cooperation between IEC and CENELEC – supports harmonization of European and international standardization.

Through its international, interdisciplinary network, OVE offers all interested parties the opportunity to participate in strategic decisions and the development of technical policies. In this way, OVE supports active participation in shaping electrotechnical standardization at the national, European and international level.

As a representative of the Austrian industry, OVE Standardization is actively involved in the European and international electrotechnical standardization bodies. These are:


International Electrotechnical Commission
European Electrotechnical Committee for Standardization
European Telecommunications Standards Institute

OVE Standardization is ISO 9001 certified.

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