ALDIS – Lightning detection and lightning research

ALDIS (Austrian Lightning Detection & Information System) is a joint project of the Austrian Electrotechnical Association (OVE) and APG Austrian Power Grid AG that monitors and documents lightning activity in the area of Central Europe.

ALDIS delivers accurate lightning data to weather services, power companies, insurances and experts. It is also a globally recognized lightning research centre. Research results are published regularly in prestigious journals and presented at international conferences.

The live thunderstorm map ALDISmobile is a free app, available on Google Play and in the Apple App Store.


lightning flashes located

That makes 2022 a year with low thunderstorm activity.

scientific publications in 2022

For a complete list of scientific ALDIS publications go to

years of operation

That is how many years ALDIS has been  contributing to lightning detection and lightning research.

lightning flashes

With this number of lightning flashes, June 2022 was the month with the most lightning in 10 years.

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