OVE Informationstechnik (Information Technology)

OVE Informationstechnik (Information Technology) is an Austria-wide platform. It brings together representatives of business, research and academia and maintains cooperations with national and international organizations in the industry.

Its key aims include an intense exchange between science and business, the integration and promotion of young technical and scientific talent, professional training and development, the discussion of scientific and technical issues, as well as relevant publications.

In regular newsletters, OVE Informationstechnik keeps anyone interested up to date on the following subject areas:
⦁    6G
⦁    Ambient Assisted Living
⦁    Cybersecurity
⦁    Energy goes ICT
⦁    Homo Digitalis
⦁    IoT security
⦁    Social media



Austrian Institute of Technology

Vice president


Other members

  •   Ulrike HUEMER (CIO Stadt Wien and internet officer)
  •   Thomas BLEIER (B-SEC better secure KG)
  •   Thomas BINDL (Ericsson Austria GmbH)
  •   Erwin TEUFNER (SPL Tele Group GmbH)
  •   Dieter WEBER (Wien Energie)
  •   Herwig KLIMA (Verbund AG)
  •   Klaus BERNHARDT (FEEI)
  •   Ronald BIEBER (OCG)
  •   Peter REICHL (Uni Wien)