ÖZS Certification

To consumers, manufacturers, security companies, insurance companies and all other market participants, the ÖZS certificate for security technology products and security services means that they can have confidence in the product’s quality and the safety standards.

All the backers of the certification body – i.e. the Federal Economic Chamber (WKO), the Austrian Fire Brigade Association (ÖBFV), the Austrian Association of Security Companies (VSÖ), the Austrian Insurance Association (VVO) as well as the Austrian Electrotechnical Association (OVE) – defined and accepted the rules for ÖZS certification after engaging in an exchange at European level and based on the European provisions, directives and standards as well as the level of security that was already very high even before Austria became a member of the EU.

In 2010, the ÖZS brand was transferred to the OVE, which continues to provide all operational activities and certification services for this well-established brand.


The ÖZS certificate ensures not only that prevention measures in the individual areas are effective, but also that the mark holder's investment is rewarded by market participants in the medium term.

The ÖZS brand is available to all market partners of the security technology industry and offers all interested parties and companies a point of contact in the Austrian Electrotechnical Association’s certification department.

Growing confidence in security technology also raises the general public's understanding of the prevention work accomplished, but also of personal contributions necessary in the field of security, thus increasing general safety in Austria.

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