IEC 62484:2010


Language: EN Radiation protection instrumentation - Spectroscopy-based portal monitors used for the detection and identification of illicit trafficking of radioactive material

Language: FR Instrumentation pour la radioprotection - Moniteurs spectroscopiques pour portiques d'accès utilisés pour la détection et l'identification du trafic illicite des matières radioactives


Language: EN IEC 62484:2010 specifies the operational and performance requirements for spectroscopy-based portal monitors used for the detection and identification of illicit trafficking of radioactive material. Spectroscopy-based portal monitors have the ability to detect gamma and neutron radiation and identify gamma-emitting radionuclides that may be present in or on persons, vehicles, containers, or packages in a static or transient mode of operation. Establishes performance requirements and gives examples of acceptable test methods, and specifies general characteristics, general test conditions, radiation characteristics, electrical safety, and environmental characteristics to determine if a portal monitor meets the requirements of this standard.

Language: EN Language: FR
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TC 45/SC 45B
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