IEC 61207-6:2014


Language: EN Expression of performance of gas analyzers - Part 6: Photometric analyzers

Language: FR Expression des performances des analyseurs de gaz - Partie 6: Analyseurs photométriques


Language: EN IEC 61207-6:2014 applies to all aspects of analyzers using photometric techniques for the measurement of concentration of one or more components in a mixture of gases or vapors. It should be used in conjunction with IEC 61207-1. It specifies: - the terminology and definitions related to the functional performance of gas analyzers, utilizing a photometric analyzer, for the continuous measurement of gas or vapor concentration in a source gas; - it unifies methods used in making and verifying statements on the functional performance of such analyzers; - it specifies what tests should be performed to determine the functional performance and how such tests should be carried out and it provides basic documents to support the application of standards of quality assurance ISO 9001. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in 1994 and constitutes a technical revision. The major changes are: - All references (normative and informative) have been updated, deleted or added to as appropriate. - All the terms and definitions relating to the document have been updated where appropriate. - New definitions have been added for generic photometric equipment and measurements. - All references to "errors" have been replaced by "uncertainties" and appropriate updated definitions applied. - Figures A.1, A.2.

Language: EN Language: FR
Date of issue
TC 65/SC 65B
ICS Codes
19.080, 71.040.40
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