ISO/IEC 24779-4:2017


Language: EN Information technology - Cross-jurisdictional and societal aspects of implementation of biometric technologies - Pictograms, icons and symbols for use with biometric systems - Part 4: Fingerprint applications


Language: EN ISO/IEC 24779-4:2017 contains a set of symbols, icons and pictograms to help the general public understand the concepts and procedures for using electronic systems that collect and/or process fingerprints. This set of symbols, icons and pictograms is designed to be used to - identify the type of biometric device, - provide static instructions related to a fingerprint device, - display dynamic real-time information related to the fingerprint device, and - indicate the status of the fingerprint device. To provide this functionality, the set of symbols, icons and pictograms includes both directional symbols, icons and pictograms and real-time action or feedback symbols, icons and pictograms. The fingerprint device symbols, icons and pictograms can be categorized as - finger/hand general biometric,     - kind of finger, four fingers or hand device, - finger/hand placement,     - biometric position and impression which needs to be presented next,     - hand orientation (switched hands), - finger/hand quality feedback,     - press (more or less),     - raise/lower angle, - finger/hand positioning,     - hand/finger orientation,     - necessary finger/hand movement (forward, backward, lateral),     - rotation,     - change angle, and     - rolling finger(s). Although the symbols, icons and pictograms are presented individually, it is intended that the symbols, icons and pictograms be combined to fully illustrate the fingerprinting interaction. Alternative illustrations might be used; for example, in a customs or immigration environment, procedures constructed from the individual symbols, icons and pictograms could additionally be presented as - a series of posters while waiting to use the biometric system, - a series of transitional frames in a biometric booth, - an animated video or series of transitional frames while waiting to use the biometric system, and - instructional leaflets to read while waiting to use the biometric system. This multi-part International standard focuses on communication with the data capture subject. Operators could use this International standard, but they might need additional symbols and information.

Language: EN
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01.080.50, 35.240.15
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