IEC 62052-31:2015


Language: EN Electricity metering equipment (AC) - General requirements, tests and test conditions - Part 31: Product safety requirements and tests

Language: FR Équipement de comptage de l'électricité (CA) - Exigences générales, essais et conditions d'essai - Partie 31: Exigences et essais sur la sécurité de produit



Language: EN IEC 62052-31:2015 specifies product safety requirements for equipment for electrical energy measurement and control. It applies to newly manufactured metering equipment designed to measure and control electrical energy on 50 Hz or 60 Hz networks with a voltage up to 600 V, where all functional elements, including add-on modules are enclosed in or form a single case. When such equipment is designed to be installed in a specified matching socket, then the requirements apply to, and the tests shall be performed on, equipment installed in its specified matching socket. However, requirements for sockets and inserting / removing the meters from the socket are outside the scope of this standard. This International Standard is also applicable to auxiliary input and output circuits. This bilingual version (2016-11) corresponds to the monolingual English version, published in 2015-09.

Language: EN Language: FR
Date of issue
TC 13
ICS Codes
19.080, 91.140.50
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