IEC 61850-7-1:2011


Language: EN Communication networks and systems for power utility automation - Part 7-1: Basic communication structure - Principles and models

Language: FR Réseaux et systèmes de communication pour l'automatisation des systèmes électriques - Partie 7-1: Structure de communication de base - Principes et modèles


Language: EN IEC 61850-7-1:2011 introduces the modelling methods, communication principles, and information models that are used in the various parts of the IEC 61850-7 series. The purpose is to provide - from a conceptual point of view - assistance to understand the basic modelling concepts and description methods for: - substation-specific information models for power utility automation systems, - device functions used for power utility automation purposes, and - communication systems to provide interoperability within power utility facilities. Compared to the first edition, this second edition introduces: - the model for statistical and historical statistical data, - the concepts of proxies, gateways, LD hierarchy and LN inputs, - the model for time synchronisation, - the concepts behind different testing facilities, - the extended logging function. It also clarifies certain items.

Language: EN Language: FR
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TC 57
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