IEC 60404-6:2003


Language: EN Magnetic materials - Part 6: Methods of measurement of the magnetic properties of magnetically soft metallic and powder materials at frequencies in the range 20 Hz to 200 kHz by the use of ring specimens

Language: FR Matériaux magnétiques - Partie 6: Méthodes de mesure des propriétés magnétiques des matériaux métalliques et des matériaux en poudre magnétiquement doux, aux fréquences comprises entre 20 Hz et 200 kHz, sur des éprouvettes en forme de tore


Language: EN Specifies methods for the measurement of a.c. magnetic properties of materials in the frequency range 20 Hz to 200 kHz other than electrical steels and soft ferrites. The materials covered by this part of IEC 60404 include those speciality alloys listed in IEC 60404-8-6, amorphous and nanocrystalline materials, pressed and sintered and metal injection moulded parts such as are listed in IEC 60404-8-9, cast parts and magnetically soft composite materials. The object of this part is to define the general principles and the technical details of the measurement of the magnetic properties of magnetically soft materials by means of ring methods. For materials supplied in powder form, a ring test specimen is formed by the appropriate pressing method for that material. DC magnetic measurements on magnetically soft materials shall be made in accordance with the ring method of IEC 60404-4. The determinations of the magnetic characteristics of magnetically soft components shall be made in accordance with IEC 62044-3. Normally, the measurements shall be made at an ambient temperature of (23 ± 5) °C on ring test specimens which have first been magnetized, then demagnetized. Measurements can be made over other temperature ranges by agreement between supplier and purchaser. The scope of the second edition has been extended to include all magnetically soft materials except ferrites. The contents of the corrigendum of February 2009 have been included in this copy.

Language: EN Language: FR
Date of issue
TC 68
ICS Codes
29.030, 17.220.20
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