ISO/IEC TS 33072:2016


Language: EN Information technology - Process assessment - Process capability assessment model for information security management


Language: EN ISO/IEC TS 33072:2016: - defines a process assessment model (PA M) that meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 33004 and that supports the performance of an assessment of process capability by providing indicators for guidance on the interpretation of the process purposes and outcomes as defined in ISO/IEC TS 33052 and the process attributes as defined in ISO/IEC 33020; - provides guidance, by example, on the definition, selection and use of assessment indicators. A PAM comprises a set of indicators of process performance and process capability. The indicators are used as a basis for collecting the objective evidence that enables an assessor to assign ratings. The set of indicators included in ISO/IEC TS 33072:2016 is not intended to be an all-inclusive set nor is it intended to be applicable in its entirety. The PAM in ISO/IEC TS 33072:2016 is directed at assessment sponsors and competent assessors who wish to select a model, and associated documented process method, for assessment (for either capability determination or process improvement). Additionally it may be of use to developers of assessment models in the construction of their own model, by providing examples of good information security management practices. It can be used by: a) service providers to assess and improve an Information Security Management System (ISMS); b) service providers to demonstrate their capability for the design, development, transition and delivery of services that fulfil information security management requirements. Any PAM meeting the requirements defined in ISO/IEC 33004 concerning models for process assessment can be used for assessment. Different models and methods might be needed to address differing business needs. The assessment model in ISO/IEC TS 33072:2016 meets all the requirements expressed in ISO/IEC 33004. NOTE Copyright release for the PAM: Users of ISO/IEC TS 33072 :2016 may reproduce subclauses 5.2 to 5.27, 6.2, B.2 and B.3 as part of any tool or other material to support the performance of process assessments so that it can be used for its intended purpose.

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