IEC 60331-3:2009


Language: EN Tests for electric cables under fire conditions - Circuit integrity - Part 3: Test method for fire with shock at a temperature of at least 830 °C for cables of rated voltage up to and including 0,6/1,0 kV tested in a metal enclosure

Language: FR Essais pour câbles électriques soumis au feu - Intégrité des circuits - Partie 3: Méthode d'essai au feu pour les câbles de tension assignée au plus égale à 0,6/1,0 kV, essayés sous conduit métallique avec chocs, à une température d'au moins 830 °C


Language: EN IEC 60331-3:2009 specifies the test apparatus and procedure and gives the performance requirements, including recommended flame application times, for low-voltage power cables of rated voltage up to and including 0,6/1,0 kV, and control cables with a rated voltage which are required to maintain circuit integrity when tested in a metal enclosure and when subject to fire and mechanical shock under specified conditions. This standard describes the means of sample preparation, the continuity checking arrangements, the electrical testing procedure, the method of burning the cables and the method of shock production and gives requirements for evaluating test results. NOTE All cables assessed by this method should first have been assessed against the test of IEC 60331-1 or IEC 60331-2. Such performance may be recognized by the marking according to Clause 11 of IEC 60331-1 or Clause 11 of IEC 60331-2. Annex A provides the method of verification of the burner and control system used for the test. It has the status of a horizontal standard in accordance with href="">IEC Guide 104 .

Language: EN Language: FR
Date of issue
TC 20
ICS Codes
29.060.20, 29.020, 13.220.40
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