ISO/IEC 15149-2:2015


Language: EN Information technology -- Telecommunications and information exchange between systems -- Magnetic field area network (MFAN) -- Part 2: In-band Control Protocol for Wireless Power Transfer


Language: EN ISO/IEC 15149-2:2015 Standard establishes a system for an in-band network, from which both wireless power transfer and data transmission are carried out simultaneously at the same frequency band. It provides technical solution for a remote and consistent power supply, along with a stable network. For the purpose of this International Standard, the system is designed based on the principles described in ISO/IEC 15149 (Magnetic Field Area Network). In this way, it is expected to achieve superiority in control of devices, while managing wireless power transfer to multiple devices in request. The focus is on the physical and media access control layer protocol; it will not discuss matters on the upper layer protocols. As together, the PHY and MAC layers have to be able to carry out the following tasks: data transmission, signal control, wireless power transfer. This International Standard is applicable in various situations and environments, but is expected to perform excellently in the following certain use cases: - mobile phones: provide ubiquitous charging environments for portable devices; - home appliances: allow unrestrained placement of appliances with the elimination of wire cables and plugs for power supply. The media access control layer protocol is designed for the following scope: - variable superframe structure for wireless power transfer to multiple devices; - simple and effective network topology for efficient wireless power transfer; - dynamic address assignment for efficient timesharing among multiple devices. The physical layer protocol is designed for the following scope: - one frequency band for both wireless power transfer and magnetic field communication; - simple and robust modulation for low-cost implementation and minimized margin of error; - variable coding and bandwidth for dynamic charging environment.

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