IEC 60335-2-39:2012


Language: EN Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-39: Particular requirements for commercial electric multi-purpose cooking pans

Language: FR Appareils électrodomestiques et analogues - Sécurité - Partie 2-39: Exigences particulières pour les sauteuses électriques à usage collectif


Language: EN IEC 60335-2-39:2012 deals with the safety of electrically operated commercial multi-purpose cooking pans not intended for household and similar use, their rated voltage being not more than 250 V for single-phase appliances connected between one phase and neutral and 480 V for other appliances. This standard also deals with pressurized appliances and appliances with pressurized parts. These appliances are used for processing food for commercial consumption, for example in kitchens of restaurants, canteens, hospitals and in commercial enterprises such as bakeries, butcheries, etc. The electrical part of appliances making use of other forms of energy is also within the scope of this standard. As far as is practicable, this standard deals with the common hazards presented by these types of appliances. Attention is drawn to the fact that for appliances intended to be used in vehicles or on board ships or aircraft, additional requirements may be necessary. The principal changes in this edition as compared with the fifth edition of IEC 60335-2-39 are as follows (minor changes are not listed): - addition to definition of portable appliances, atmospheric multi-purpose cooking and rated pressure; - deletion of equipotential symbol 5021 of IEC 60417 covered by Part 1; - addition of instructions for multi-purpose cooking pans; - modification on leakage current permissible for portable class l appliances; - addition to abnormal test requirements; - addition to mechanical hazard test for multi-purpose cooking pans; - addition of construction test for multi-purpose cooking pans; - addition to construction requirements for lids and theirs grips; - addition to construction requirements for positioning of pressure reliefs; - addition to construction's fixed appliances which are moved forward and backward for cleaning purposes. The attention of National Committees is drawn to the fact that equipment manufacturers and testing organizations may need a transitional period following publication of a new, amended or revised IEC publication in which to make products in accordance with the new requirements and to equip themselves for conducting new or revised tests. It is the recommendation of the committee that the content of this publication be adopted for implementation nationally not earlier than 12 months or later than 36 months from the date of publication. Keywords: Multi-purpose cooking pans. This publication is to be read in conjunction with IEC 60335-1:2010 .

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