IEC TR 62809:2013


Language: EN Summary of requirements and tests to products in the scope of IEC 60601-2-66


Language: EN IEC/TR 62809:2013(E) provides an overview of the requirements and tests of IEC 60601-2-66 in combination with the applicable sections of IEC 60601-1, and the collateral standards of the IEC 60601 series. It is intended to assist various groups involved in the product lifecycles process - like designers and suppliers - to get an overview of the basic requirements without studying all involved standard documents in detail. The table includes not all but just the more common requirements and tests. During the preparation of IEC 60601-2-66, members of the involved technical committee and working group voiced concerns about the complexity of the document and its structure as part of the IEC 60601 series. There was also concern that groups in the hearing instrument community would have problems to understand and apply the standard and that this could be an issue with its acceptability. In order to have a broad consensus for the new standard it was agreed that the standard should be supported by this Technical Report, which should enable members of the community and the industry to have a basic understanding of the requirements of the standard, without the need to study the complete standard document and the documents that are referenced in it. It is crucial to understand that the summary in this document cannot serve as an input for a product requirement specification or as a test plan without consulting the standard document itself. This Technical Report alone cannot be used to establish or assess compliance to the standard. Keywords: hearing instruments, hearing aids, hearing

Language: EN
Date of issue
TC 29
ICS Codes
11.180.15, 17.140.50
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