IEC 61017:2016


Language: EN Radiation protection instrumentation - Transportable, mobile or installed equipment to measure photon radiation for environmental monitoring

Language: FR Instrumentation pour la radioprotection - Equipement transportable, mobile ou installé pour mesurer le rayonnement de photons pour la surveillance de l'environnement


Language: EN IEC 61017:2016 is applicable to transportable, mobile or installed assemblies intended to measure environmental air kerma rates or air absorbed dose rates from 30 nGy⋅h -1 to 30μGy⋅h -1 or ambient dose equivalent rates from 30 nSv⋅h -1 to 30 μSv⋅h -1 , or air kerma or air absorbed dose from 10 nGy to 10 mGy, or ambient dose equivalent from 10 nSv to 10 mSv, due to photon radiation of energy between 50 keV and 7 MeV. The measurable range of dose and dose rate can be extended by agreement between the purchaser and the manufacturer. This extension may be realized by combining more than one detector, for example NaI(Tl) scintillator and ionization chamber. For most environmental applications, instruments may measure over a more limited energy range of 80 keV to 3 MeV.

Language: EN Language: FR
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TC 45/SC 45B
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