IEC 60061:2019 DB


Language: EN Lamp caps and holders together with gauges for the control of interchangeability and safety - 12-month subscription to online database comprising all parts of IEC 60061.

Language: FR Culots de lampes et douilles ainsi que calibres pour le contrôle de l'interchangeabilité et de la sécurité - Abonnement de 12 mois à la base de données en ligne comprenant toutes les parties de la norme IEC 60061.


Language: EN The database has been updated following the publication of Corrigendum 1 of Amendment 58 to Part 1. It contains the recommendations of the IEC in regard to lamp caps and holders in general use, together with relevant gauges, with the object of securing international interchangeability. The standard consists of four parts. Part 1: Lamp caps, Part 2: Lampholders, Part 3: Gauges, Part 4: Guidelines and general information. There are some 900 standard sheets in PDF format that can be accessed individually from the various indexes and through the search facility. Following years subscription CHF 220.-

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