ISO/IEC 13816:2007


Language: EN Information technology -- Programming languages, their environments and system software interfaces -- Programming language ISLISP


Language: EN ISO/IEC 13816:2007 specifies syntax and semantics of the computer programming language ISLisp by specifying requirements for a conforming ISLisp processor and a conforming ISLisp text. The design goals for ISLisp are the following. ISLisp shall be compatible with existing Lisp dialects where feasible. ISLisp shall have as a primary goal to provide basic functionality. ISLisp shall be object-oriented. ISLisp shall be designed with extensibility in mind. ISLisp shall give priority to industrial needs over academic needs. ISLisp shall promote efficient implementations and applications. ISO/IEC 13816:2007 does not specify: the size or complexity of an ISLisp text that exceeds the capacity of any specific data processing system or the capacity of a particular processor, nor the actions to be taken when the corresponding limits are exceeded; the minimal requirements of a data processing system that is capable of supporting an implementation of a processor for ISLisp; the method of preparation of an ISLisp text for execution and the method of activation of this ISLisp text, prepared for execution; the typographical presentation of an ISLisp text published for human reading; extensions that might or might not be provided by the implementation.

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