IEC 61851-23:2014


Language: EN Electric vehicle conductive charging system - Part 23: DC electric vehicle charging station

Language: FR Système de charge conductive pour véhicules électriques - Partie 23: Borne de charge en courant continu pour véhicules électriques


Language: EN IEC 61851-23:2014, gives the requirements for d.c. electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, herein also referred to as "DC charger", for conductive connection to the vehicle, with an a.c. or d.c. input voltage up to 1 000 V a.c. and up to 1 500 V d.c. according to IEC 60038. It provides the general requirements for the control communication between a d.c. EV charging station and an EV. The requirements for digital communication between d.c. EV charging station and electric vehicle for control of d.c. charging are defined in IEC 61851-24. Due to further technical developments in the field of electric vehicles charging, the requirements in IEC 61851-23:2014 to fulfill the safety objective "protection against electric shock" under single fault condition by limiting the capacitance energy, may not cover all possible combinations of charging stations and vehicles. Since the charging process links the charging infrastructure with the electric vehicle, the requirements laid down in ISO 17409:2015 are also relevant for the electrical safety of the charging process. The approach of limiting the capacitance energy will not be sufficient for the safety objective "protection against electric shock" under single fault condition in all relevant cases. Therefore, this warning is issued for both standards. It is as always strongly recommended that users of standards additionally perform a risk assessment. Specifically in this case, standards users shall select proper means to fulfill safety requirements in the system of charging station and electric vehicle. This publication is to be read in conjunction with IEC 61851-1:2010 . The contents of the corrigendum of May 2016 have been included in this copy.

Language: EN Language: FR
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