IEC TR 62453-51-10:2017


Language: EN Field device tool (FDT) interface specification - Part 51-10: Communication implementation for common object model - IEC 61784 CPF 1


Language: EN IEC TR  62453-51-10:2017(E) which is a Technical Report, provides additional information for integrating the Foundation™ Fieldbus (FF) protocol into the COM-based implementation of the FDT Specification (IEC TR 62453-41). This document describes communication definitions, protocol specific extensions and the means for block (e.g. transducer, resource or function blocks) representation. This document cancels and replaces IEC TR 62453-501 published in 2009. This edition constitutes a technical revision. The main changes are updates of the methods to access instance and device data (see Clause 5) and updates of the XML schemas (see Clauses 7to 11).  

Language: EN
Date of issue
TC 65/SC 65E
ICS Codes
25.040.40, 35.100, 35.110
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