IEC 60062:2016


Language: EN Marking codes for resistors and capacitors

Language: FR Codes de marquage des résistances et des condensateurs


Language: EN IEC 60062:2016 specifies designation and marking codes for capacitors and resistors. It provides coding methods for the resistance or capacitance value and its tolerance, including colour coding for resistors. It also provides date code systems suitable for the marking of small components. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: - introduction of the new code colour pink for the coding of the multiplier 10 -3 ; - introduction of new subclauses, 3.2 Prescription of code colours, 3.3 Methods for marking resistance value and tolerance, 3.4 Methods for TCR marking, for improved clarity, the subjects of colour assignment, coding of R value and tolerance, and coding of TCR is dealt with in separate clauses; - inclusion of illustrations for TCR marking by interrupted colour band; - inclusion of a new subclause on a fixed length code marking, fixed length code marking of resistance values with up to 3 significant digits, hence a fixed code length of 4 digits, and fixed length code marking of capacitance values with up to 2 significant digits, hence a fixed code length of 3 digits; - introduction of two new clauses, Clause 6, Coding of properties specific to capacitors and Clause 7, Coding of properties specific to resistors; - introduction of Annex A, Special three character coding of resistance value with three significant numerals. The contents of the corrigendum of December 2016 have been included in this copy.

Language: EN Language: FR
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