IEC 60794-3:2014


Language: EN Optical fibre cables - Part 3: Outdoor cables - Sectional specification

Language: FR Câbles à fibres optiques - Partie 3: Câbles extérieurs - Spécification intermédiaire


Language: EN IEC 60794-3:2014 specifies the requirements for optical fibre cables and cable elements which are intended to be used externally in communications networks. Other types of applications requiring similar types of cables can be considered. Requirements for cables to be used in ducts, for directly buried applications, aerial cables and cables for lake and river crossings are included in this standard. Also included are cables for specialized use in sewers and in water and gas pipes. For aerial application, this standard does not cover all functional aspects of cables installed in the vicinity of overhead power lines. For such applications, additional requirements and test methods may be necessary. Moreover, this standard excludes optical ground wires and cables attached to the phase or earth conductors of overhead power lines. For cables for lake and river crossings, this standard does not cover methods of cable repair, nor repair capability, nor does it cover cables for use with underwater line amplifiers. This fourth edition cancels and replaces the third edition, published in 2001, and constitutes a technical revision. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: - the specification has been streamlined by cross-referencing with IEC 60794-1-1; - soft strippable tubes introduced into the "polymeric" tube heading and metal tubes have been added; - ribbon clauses have been simplified; - more precise outer sheath details have been added; - cable element tests and cable tests have been simplified by the use of tables instead of text; - Annex A on PMD has been removed, to avoid duplication with IEC TR 61282-3. Keywords: outdoor cables, requirements for optical fibre cables and cable elements

Language: EN Language: FR
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TC 86/SC 86A
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