ISO/IEC 27035-2:2016


Language: EN Information technology - Security techniques - Information security incident management - Part 2: Guidelines to plan and prepare for incident response


Language: EN ISO/IEC 27035-2:2016 provides the guidelines to plan and prepare for incident response. The guidelines are based on the "Plan and Prepare" phase and the "Lessons Learned" phase of the "Information security incident management phases" model presented in ISO/IEC 27035‑1. The major points within the "Plan and Prepare" phase include the following: - information security incident management policy and commitment of top management; - information security policies, including those relating to risk management, updated at both corporate level and system, service and network levels; - information security incident management plan; - incident response team (IRT) establishment; - establish relationships and connections with internal and external organizations; - technical and other support (including organizational and operational support); - information security incident management awareness briefings and training; - information security incident management plan testing. The principles given in this part of ISO/IEC 27035 are generic and intended to be applicable to all organizations, regardless of type, size or nature. Organizations can adjust the guidance given in this part of ISO/IEC 27035 according to their type, size and nature of business in relation to the information security risk situation. This part of ISO/IEC 27035 is also applicable to external organizations providing information security incident management services.

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