IEC 61753-031-2:2014


Language: EN Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components - Performance standard - Part 031-2: Non-connectorized single-mode 1 × N and 2 × N non-wavelength-selective branching devices for Category C - Controlled environment

Language: FR Dispositifs d'interconnexion et composants passifs à fibres optiques - Norme de performance - Partie 031-2: Dispositifs de couplage indépendants de la longueur d'onde 1 x N et 2 x N en unimodal, non-connectorisés, pour catégorie C - Environnement contrôlé


Language: EN IEC 61753-031-2:2014 contains the minimum initial tests and measurement requirements and severities which a non-wavelength selective branching device (NWBD) should satisfy in order to be categorized as meeting the requirement of this IEC standard. The requirements cover balanced bidirectional non-connectorized single-mode 1 x N and 2 x N non wavelength-selective branching devices for use in an IEC Category C environment (N is the number of branching ports), especially but not exclusively used for PON application. For balanced NWBD two attenuation and uniformity performance classes are considered: - class A (premium class) which meets more restrictive requirements (i.e. for extended reach PON application) and - class B (standard class) for standard application (i.e. normal reach PON application). The requirements also cover unbalanced bidirectional non-connectorized single-mode, non-wavelength-selective branching devices; however, the specifications of unbalanced branching devices are limited to 1 x 2 and 2 x 2 devices because they are the most commonly used. Keywords: non-wavelength selective branching device (NWBD), IEC Category C environment

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TC 86/SC 86B
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