IEC 62359:2010+AMD1:2017 CSV (Consolidated version)


Language: EN Ultrasonics - Field characterization - Test methods for the determination of thermal and mechanical indices related to medical diagnostic ultrasonic fields

Language: FR Ultrasons - Caractérisation du champ - Méthodes d'essais pour la détermination d'indices thermique et mécanique des champs d'ultrasons utilisés pour le diagnostic médical


Language: EN IEC 62359:2010+A1:2017 is applicable to medical diagnostic ultrasound fields. It establishes: - parameters related to thermal and non-thermal exposure aspects of diagnostic ultrasonic fields; - methods for the determination of an exposure parameter relating to temperature rise in theoretical tissue-equivalent models, resulting from absorption of ultrasound; - methods for the determination of an exposure parameter appropriate to certain non-thermal effects. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition, published in 2005. It constitutes a technical revision. Major changes with respect to the previous edition include the following: - The methods of determination set out in the first edition of this standard were based on those contained in the American standard for Real-Time Display of Thermal and Mechanical Acoustic Output Indices on Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment (ODS) and were intended to yield identical results. While this second edition also follows the ODS in principal and uses the same basic formulae and assumptions (see Annex A), it contains a few significant modifications which deviate from the ODS. - One of the primary issues dealt with in preparing this second edition of IEC 62359 was "missing" TI equations. In Edition 1 there were not enough equations to make complete "at-surface" and "below-surface" summations for TIS and TIB in combined-operating modes. Thus major changes with respect to the previous edition are related to the introduction of new calculations of thermal indices to take into account both "at-surface" and "below-surface" thermal effects. The contents of the corrigendum of March 2011 have been included in this copy. This consolidated version consists of the second edition (2010) and its amendment 1 (2017). Therefore, no need to order amendment in addition to this publication.

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