IEC 61968-9:2013


Language: EN Application integration at electric utilities - System interfaces for distribution management - Part 9: Interfaces for meter reading and control

Language: FR Intégration d'applications pour les services électriques - Interfaces système pour la gestion de distribution - Partie 9: Interface pour le relevé et la commande des compteurs


Language: EN IEC 61968-9:2013 specifies the information content of a set of message types that can be used to support many of the business functions related to meter reading and control. Typical uses of the message types include meter reading, controls, events, customer data synchronization and customer switching. The purpose of IEC 61968-9 is to define a standard for the integration of metering systems (MS), which includes traditional manual systems, and (one or two-way) automated meter reading (AMR) systems, and meter data management (MDM) systems with other enterprise systems and business functions within the scope of IEC 61968. The scope of IEC 61968-9 is the exchange of information between metering systems, MDM systems and other systems within the utility enterprise. This new edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: - changes to and addition of new profiles to support PAN and UsagePoints; - extensions to support PAN devices generically as EndDevices; - extensions to the MeterReading model and profiles to support richer descriptions of metered quantities and to accommodate coincident readings.

Language: EN Language: FR
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