ISO/IEC TR 18121:2015


Language: EN Information technology - Learning, education and training - Virtual experiment framework


Language: EN ISO/IEC TR 18121:2015 defines the framework for IT standards and specifications on virtual experiments supporting IT-enhanced learning, education and training. It is based on implementations of standards and specifications that are used to support virtual experiment, development, evaluation and management that rely on ITLET. This ISO/IEC TR 18121:2015 - provides a framework that can be used for virtual experiment systems that rely on ITLET, - determines the categories of different virtual experiment standards and specifications and their relationships to facilitate their integration, - promotes the appropriate design and application of virtual experiment components so that IT systems that are being used are reusable, low cost, and more broadly applicable, - indicates considerations to be taken into account when developing ITLET systems that are being developed or used to support virtual experiment systems, - provides sample architecture of a virtual experiment system framework that can be used to support further development of virtual experiments, - illustrates various roles that different actors can have at various points within the virtual experiment system, - demonstrates how standards and specifications that support virtual experiments can be combined to form the basis for future work and implementations. The following aspects are not addressed in this ISO/IEC TR 18121:2015: - specifications of the implementation details of virtual experiment systems; - accessibility; - privacy; - security.  

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