IEC TR 62630:2010


Language: EN Guidance for evaluating exposure from multiple electromagnetic sources


Language: EN IEC/TR 62630:2010(E) describes exposure evaluation concepts and techniques for the overall exposure level in spatial regions and occupants caused by the simultaneous exposure to multiple narrowband electromagnetic (EM) sources. Throughout this Technical Report, it is assumed that the exposure evaluation occurs under static conditions, i.e., the source position and transmit-mode characteristics (e.g. emitted power, modulation scheme, etc.) of the device(s) under test do not vary significantly over the time required to carry out the evaluation using the chosen evaluation technique (e.g., field measurements). IEC/TR 62630:2010 provides guidance to IEC TC 106 project teams on how to evaluate the combined exposures from multiple electromagnetic (EM) sources in the frequency range 100 kHz to 300 GHz when specific absorption rate (SAR) and equivalent power density (S) are the relevant exposure metrics, as defined by the main international guidelines recommending limits on human exposure to EM fields.

Language: EN
Date of issue
TC 106
ICS Codes
17.220.20, 33.050.10
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