IEC 61755-3-32:2015


Language: EN Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components - Connector optical interfaces - Part 3-32: Connector parameters of non-dispersion shifted single mode physically contacting fibres - Angled thermoset epoxy rectangular ferrules

Language: FR Dispositifs d'interconnexion et composants passifs a fibres optiques - Interfaces optiques de connecteurs - Partie 3-32: Paramètres des connecteurs équipés de férules rectangulaires en époxy thermodurcissable, en contact physique avec angle, pour fibres unimodales à dispersion non décalée


Language: EN IEC 61755-3-32:2015 defines certain dimensional limits of an angled PC rectangular thermoset (TS) ferrule optical interface in order to meet specific requirements for fibre-to-fibre interconnection. Ferrules made from the material specified in this standard are suitable for use in categories C, U, E, and O as defined in IEC 61753-1. Ferrule interface dimensions and features are contained in the IEC 61754 series, which deals with fibre optic connector interfaces. Keywords: dimensional limits of an angled PC rectangular thermoset (TS) ferrule optical interface

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TC 86/SC 86B
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