IEC 61083-2:2013


Language: EN Instruments and software used for measurement in high-voltage and high-current tests - Part 2: Requirements for software for tests with impulse voltages and currents

Language: FR Appareils et logiciels utilisés pour les mesures pendant les essais à haute tension et haute intensité - Partie 2: Exigences pour le logiciel pour les essais avec des tensions et des courants de choc


Language: EN IEC 61083-2:2013 applies to software used for evaluation of impulse parameters from recorded impulse voltages and currents. It provides test waveforms and reference values for the software required to meet the measuring uncertainties and procedures specified in IEC 60060-1, IEC 60060-2, IEC 60060-3 and IEC 62475. Hardware with built-in firmware that cannot accept external numerical input data is not covered by this standard. The object of this standard is to establish the tests which are necessary to show that the performance of the software complies with the requirements of the relevant IEC standards, define the terms specifically related to digital processing, specify reference values and the acceptance limits for the reference impulses, specify the requirements for the record of performance and define the methods to assess the contribution of software to the measurement uncertainty. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in 1996 and constitutes a technical revision. The main changes with respect to the previous edition are: - the test data generator software has been updated, - the number of reference impulse waveforms included in the test data generator has been significantly increased, - all reference values have been recalculated according to new definitions in IEC 60060-1 and IEC 62475 and - methods for estimating the uncertainty of parameter evaluation have been introduced and are in line with the procedure introduced in IEC 60060-2. Keywords: High voltage, High current, Impulse voltage, Impulse current.

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17.220.20, 19.080
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