IEC TS 62371:2008


Language: EN Characteristics of hollow pressurised and unpressurised ceramic and glass insulators for use in electrical equipment with rated voltages greater than 1000 V


Language: EN IEC/TS 62371:2008(E) is a Technical Specification which applies to ceramic and glass hollow insulators intended for general use in electrical equipment; and ceramic hollow insulators intended for use with a permanent gas pressure in switchgear and controlgear. This specification specifies the dimensional and mechanical characteristics of the hollow insulator, which are essential for interchangeability of the hollow insulator of the same type. It is not the object of this specification to prescribe electrical characteristics because they are dependent on the apparatus of which the hollow insulator ultimately forms a part. However, standard lightning impulse withstand voltage which is provided in IEC 60071-1 is described only for reference for classification purpose. This specification applies to hollow insulators for use in electrical equipment in clean areas or lightly polluted areas, where seismic qualification is not required.

Language: EN
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TC 36
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