IEC 62731:2018


Language: EN Text-to-speech for television - General requirements


Language: EN IEC 62731:2018(E) specifies the text-to-speech functionality for a (broadcast) receiver with a text-to-speech system. Such a system may be one device, i.e. a receiver with an integrated text-to-speech generator, or may be two devices, i.e. a receiver interfacing with an external text-to-speech device. This document applies only to completely functional stationary (or semi-stationary) digital TV receivers such as set top boxes, integrated digital TVs, recorders and other products whose primary function is to receive TV content. Where this document refers to TV, this will be shorthand for all such receivers. This document does not apply to products that are capable of receiving TV as a secondary function (e.g. PCs or game consoles with digital television receivers). It also does not apply to sub-assemblies (e.g. PC tuner cards). This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: a) in 6.2, the levels of announcement quality were revised as well as considerations for ways in which device users can provide service providers with feedback on incorrectly announced terms. b) in 6.3, the following TV functionality was added: the TV can receive updated words, associated conversions and updated conversion rules for the TTS engine via a network connection.

Language: EN
Date of issue
TC 100/TA 16
ICS Codes
33.160.25, 33.160.99
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