IEC 60350-2:2017


Language: EN Household electric cooking appliances - Part 2: Hobs - Methods for measuring performance


Language: EN IEC 60350-2:2017(E) defines methods for measuring the performance of electric hobs for household use. Appliances covered by this document can be built-in or designed to be placed on a work surface. The hob can also be a part of a cooking range. This document does not apply to portable appliances for cooking, grilling and similar functions (see IEC 61817). This document defines the main performance characteristics of hobs which are of interest to the user and specifies methods for measuring these characteristics. This document does not specify a classification or ranking for performance. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: a) terms and definitions revised and new definitions added (see 3); b) following the new market trend, requirements related to so-called flexible and free induction zones - in this document named as cooking areas - are added; c) specification for standardized and alternative cookware is introduced (see 5.6); d) measurement procedure reflecting a household-like cooking process for measuring the energy consumption is introduced (see Clause 7 and Annex A); e) revision of measurement procedure for determining the accuracy of control (see Clause 8); f) new reproducible measurement procedure for assessing the heat distribution (see Clause 9); g) additional requirements (according to IEC 62301:2011) on how to measure low-power modes.

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