IEC 60603-2:1995


Language: EN Connectors for frequencies below 3 MHz for use with printed boards - Part 2: Detail specification for two-part connectors with assessed quality, for printed boards, for basic grid of 2,54 mm (0,1 in) with common mounting features

Language: FR Connecteurs pour fréquences inférieures à 3 MHz pour utilisation avec cartes imprimées - Partie 2: Spécification particulière pour connecteurs en deux parties pour cartes imprimées, avec assurance de la qualité, pour grilles de base de 2,54 mm (0,1 in) avec caractéristiques de montage communes


Language: EN IEC 60603-2:1995 applies to groups of related connectors for use with printed boards. They range from connectors with high contact density for low-voltage applications (Styles B and C) to connectors for heavy currents and high voltages having fewer contacts (Styles D, E, F, G and H). It also applies to Style M two-part connectors supplied in alternative versions having 2, 4 or 6 holes for fitting special contacts, for example coaxial, for high voltages or heavy currents (see annex B), as well as 78, 60 or 42 normal contacts identical with those of style C. It applies further to two-part connectors of Styles Q, R, S, T, U and V whose male contacts are fitted to the fixed board connectors and the female contacts to the free board connectors. All these connectors have the same fitting characteristics irrespective of their various utilization characteristics. The part of the connector fitted to the board is provided with terminations suitable for printed boards in accordance with IEC 60326-3 using a grid of 2,54 mm (0,1 in), as defined in IEC 60097. The free board connectors are provided either with solder or flat quick-connect terminations. The fixed board connectors are provided either with solder, insulation displacement, wrapped connections or with screw terminals and flat quick-connect terminations. The terminations of the fixed board connectors are located in such a way as to be suitable for use with mother boards using a grid of 2,54 mm (0,1 in) as defined in IEC 60097 as well as for automating wiring techniques.

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TC 48/SC 48B
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