IEC 61800-7-1:2015


Language: EN Adjustable speed electrical power drive systems - Part 7-1: Generic interface and use of profiles for power drive systems - Interface definition

Language: FR Entraînements électriques de puissance à vitesse variable - Partie 7-1: Interface générique et utilisation de profils pour les entraînements électriques de puissance - Définition de l'interface


Language: EN IEC 61800-7-1:2015 specifies a generic interface between power drive system(s) (PDS) and the application control program in a controller. The generic PDS interface is not specific to any particular communication network technology. Annexes of this part of IEC 61800 specify the mapping of the different drive profiles types onto the generic PDS interface. The functions specified in this part of IEC 61800 are not intended to ensure functional safety. This requires additional measures according to the relevant standards, agreements and laws. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: a) mapping of drive profile type 1 onto additional network technologies; b) minor updates in the subclauses for profile types 1, 2 and 4, in relation with corresponding changes in the dedicated IEC 61800-7-20x parts.

Language: EN Language: FR
Date of issue
TC 22/SC 22G
ICS Codes
29.200, 35.100.05
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