IEC TS 62607-4-5:2017


Language: EN Nanomanufacturing - Key control characteristics - Part 4-5: Cathode nanomaterials for nano-enabled electrical energy storage - Electrochemical characterization, 3-electrode cell method


Language: EN IEC TS 62607-4-5:2017(E) provides a standardized method for the determination of electrochemical properties of cathode nanomaterials such as lithium iron phosphate (LFP) for electrical energy storage devices. This method will enable the industry to: decide whether or not a cathode nanomaterial is usable, and select a cathode nanomaterial suitable for their application. This document includes: recommendations for sample preparation, outlines of the experimental procedures used to measure cathode nanomaterial properties, methods of interpretation of results and discussion of data analysis, and case studies. NOTE The very purpose of this method is to arrive at a detailed characterization of the electrodes so that individual contribution of the anode and cathode for performance and degradation could be predicted. The method can be applied for characterization of the electrode working as cathode or/and as anode.

Language: EN
Date of issue
TC 113
ICS Codes
07.120, 07.030
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