IEC 60364-5-55:2011+AMD1:2012+AMD2:2016 CSV (Consolidated version)


Language: EN Electrical installations of buildings - Part 5-55: Selection and erection of electrical equipment - Other equipment

Language: FR Installations électriques des bâtiments - Partie 5-55: Choix et mise en oeuvre des matériels électriques - Autres matériels


Language: EN IEC 60364-5-55:2011+AMD1:2012+AMD2:2016 covers requirements for the selection and erection of low-voltage generating sets and for the selection and erection of luminaires and lighting installations intended to be part of the fixed installation. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition, published in 2001, its Amendment 1 (2001) and its Amendment 2 (2008). The major technical changes with respect to the previous edition are: - additional requirements for connection of luminaires to the fixed wiring; - modification of requirements regarding the fixing of luminaires; - inclusion of alternative solutions for connecting devices used for through wiring and for connection of luminaires to the supply; - withdrawal of Clause 556, as IEC 60364-5-56 now covers this matter. This consolidated version consists of the second edition (2011), its amendment 1 (2012) and its amendment 2 (2016). Therefore, no need to order amendments in addition to this publication.

Language: EN Language: FR
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