IEC 62387:2012


Language: EN Radiation protection instrumentation - Passive integrating dosimetry systems for personal and environmental monitoring of photon and beta radiation

Language: FR Instrumentation pour la radioprotection - Systèmes dosimétriques intégrés passifs pour la surveillance de l'individu et de l'environnement des rayonnements photoniques et bêta


Language: EN IEC 62387:2012 applies to all kinds of passive dosimetry systems that are used for measuring the personal dose equivalent (for whole body dosimetry), the personal dose equivalent (for eye lens dosimetry), the personal dose equivalent (for both whole body and extremity dosimetry), the ambient dose equivalent (for environmental dosimetry), or the directional dose equivalent (for environmental dosimetry). This standard applies to dosimetry systems that measure external photon and/or beta radiation in the dose range between 0,01 mSv and 10 Sv and in wide energy ranges. The dosimetry systems usually use electronic devices for the data evaluation and thus are often computer controlled.

Language: EN Language: FR
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TC 45/SC 45B
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