ISO/IEC 15149:2011


Language: EN Information technology -- Telecommunications and information exchange between systems -- Magnetic field area network (MFAN)


Language: EN ISO/IEC 15149:2011 specifies the physical layer and media access control layer protocols of a wireless network over a magnetic field in a low frequency band (~300 kHz), for wireless communication in harsh environments (i.e. around metal, underwater, underground, etc.). The physical layer protocol is designed for the following scope: low carrier frequency for large magnetic field area and reliable communication in harsh environments; simple and robust modulation for a low implementation cost and error performance; variable coding and bandwidth for a link adaptation. The media access control layer protocol is designed for the following scope: simple and efficient network topology for low power consumption; variable superframe structure for compact and efficient data transmission; dynamic address assignment for small packet size and efficient address management. ISO/IEC 15149:2011 supports several kbps data transmission in a wireless network within a distance of several metres. It can be applied to various services such as the following areas: in the environmental industry, to manage pollution levels in soil and water using wireless underground or underwater sensors; in the construction industry, to monitor the integrity of buildings and bridges using wireless, inner-corrosion sensors; in the consumer-electronics industry, to detect food spoilage in wet, airtight storage areas and to transfer the sensing data from the inside to the outside; in the agricultural industry, to manage the moisture level as well as mineral status in soil using buried wireless sensors; in the transportation industry, to manage road conditions and traffic information using wireless underground sensors.

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