Legal Basis

1883Electrotechnicians start work on „regulatives out of a sense of responsibility for their own activities and their effects under the guidance of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter STEFAN, President of the Viennese Electrotechnical Society (Wiener Elektrotechnischer Verein), and Hofrat von WALTENHOFEN. Included is the actual knowledge on secure generation, transmission and appliance of electrical energy in the interest of the experts as well as the consumers.
1883Almost at the same time, the Imperial and Royal Governorship publishes a licence decree committing the erection of electrical installations to previous technical knowledge, and referring to the „regulatives” of the Wiener Elektrotechnischer Verein.
1920The constitution of the First Republic already confirms in art. 10 the federal character of electrotechnical safety: „...normalization and standardization of electrotechnical installations and equipment, safety measures in this field”.
1945The OVE starts to publish electrotechnical regulations; but the Federal Ministry of Commerce and Reconstruction takes them over. However, this task outreaches the capacities of the government authority.
1957Again, the OVE is appointed to create a regulation agency in order to work out electrotechnical regulations and standards.
1965Electrotechnical Act: Elektrotechnikgesetz — ETG, BGBl. Nr. 57/1965
Regulations and standards are declared mandatory according to the technical progress in the following implementing decrees. The OVE is the competent authority in charge of the elaboration of electrotechnical regulations.
1983Amendment to ETG 1965, BGBl. Nr. 662/1965.

Electrotechnical Act 1992 (Elektrotechnikgesetz) — ETG 1992, BGBl. Nr. 106/1993, BGBl. I Nr. 136/2001
Federal Law on safety measures and standardization in the field of Electrotechnics.

2002 Electrotechnical Decree 2002 (Elektrotechnikverordnung) - ETV 2002, BGBl. Nr. 222/2002.
2006Amendment to Electrotechnical Decree 2002 - ETV 2002/A1, BGBl. Nr. 33/2006.

Amendment to Electrotechnical Decree 2002 - ETV 2002/A2, BGBl. II, Nr. 223/2010.

Further Decrees:

Electromagnetic compatibility decree - EMVV 2006, BGBl. Nr. 529/2006
Electrical medical devices decree - ElMedV 1993, BGBl. Nr. 46/1994
Electric protection decree - ESV 2003, BGBl. Nr. 424/2003 (ref. to ASchG)
Electrical apparatus for explosive atmosphere decree - ExSV 1996, BGBl. Nr. 252/1996
Household devices energy consumption decree, BGBl. Nr. 568/1994, BGBl. Nr. 421/2004
Low voltage devices decree 1995 - NSpGV 1995, BGBl. Nr. 51/1995
Decree for protective neutral earthing 1998, BGBl. Nr. 322/1998

Amendment to ETG 1992, BGBl. I Nr.  129/2015.
Amendment to Electrotechnical Act 1992 (ETG 1992), BGBl. I Nr. 2017/27.

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