OVE – a traditional and yet dynamic association

The Austrian Electrotechnical Association (OVE) was founded in 1883, when electrical engineering was a new but fast developing technology. The young organization set the following objectives:

  • to support the development of electrical engineering and
  • to care for the safety of electrotechnical applications at the same time,
  • to establish contact between universities and economy and
  • to offer an information platform for professionals and people interested in this new and revolutionary technology.

Outstanding experts like Prof. Ernst Mach, Siegfried Marcus or Prof. Josef Stefan realized the importance of an association of theorists and men with practical experience in the field of electrical engineering and became founder members of OVE. Before long, further experts like Prof. Ludwig Boltzmann joined the Austrian Electrotechnical Association.

As the safe use of electrical equipment and installations was its main purpose, the association published the first safety regulations for electrical engineering already in 1888, being one of the first institutions dealing with electrical standardization worldwide.

Within the next decades electrical engineering was prospering – the association paved the way for technological advance, its members contributed notably to technological innovations. Exceptional members were for example Prof. h.c. Dr. Gottfried Biegelmeier, who invented the ground fault circuit interrupter, and the computer expert Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Heinz Zemanek, to name but a few.

Today, more than 130 years after its founding, the primary objectives of the association are still the same: electrical standardization and certification ensure safety as well as technological and subsequently economic advance. OVE supports the economy in the global market and guarantees the compliance with national as well as international standards and guidelines in an objective and independent manner.

With ALDIS, Austrian Lightning Detection and Information System, one focus of OVE is on lightning detection, documentation and internationally renowned research activities.

The OVEacademy offers professional training and provides experts, producers and operators with a platform for knowledge exchange in close cooperation with universities and technical colleges.

The OVE Societies give a platform to all branches of electrical engineering and stimulate the dialogue between science, economy and the interested public.

youngOVE, the association’s student network, and OVEyoungEngineers, the OVE's plattform for young professionals, are dedicated to the needs of the next generation of technical engineers and scientists.

Today OVE stands for a modern, dynamic association offering an extensive service portfolio in and for a successful and vibrant branch.

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